Word Made Flesh [video]

As it was mentioned in this video, Jesus based His ministry on relationships. He lived among people, committed himself to them, built authentic relationships with them, and lived out who the Father intended Him to be. As we work to shed light in areas that are often dark and lacking love, we find great inspiration in WMF’s relationally-based ministry and their core values.

Word Made Flesh is united in an intentional spirituality that is expressed through nine core values.

  • Intimacy-  We celebrate intimacy with Jesus to be our highest calling and our created purpose.

  • Obedience- We celebrate obedience as our loving response to the grace of Jesus.

  • Humility-  We celebrate humility before God and humanity.

  • Community- We celebrate community as a means for discipleship and service.

  • Service- We celebrate service as an expression of our fellowship.

  • Simplicity- We celebrate simplicity as a privilege in identification with Jesus and the poor.

  • Submission- We celebrate submission to Jesus, each other and the poor.

  • Brokenness- We celebrate brokenness as our responsibility in ministry among the broken.

  • Suffering- We celebrate suffering as a willing sacrifice in serving Jesus. (1)

We commend these principles to any individuals and churches involved in ministry to people with disabilities. Many of the churches in The Banquet Network have echoed the importance of these values in their experience.


(1) http://wordmadeflesh.org/about/

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