Inspire Curriculum at Freedom Church

The Inspire Curriculum is a Banquet Network resource for small groups that introduces the Biblical rationale for ministry to people with disabilities and provides some key principles for faithfully carrying out this ministry.

We are so excited that Freedom Church in Baltimore, Maryland is walking through Inspire as an entire congregation.


Above are photos of D-Groups (discipleship groups) working their way through the curriculum. A few participants shared about their experience:

“..It also challenged us to do a self-evaluation, be truthful about our views regarding special needs.. to be honest about how well we've done at ministering and being ministered to by these individuals. I feel these lessons have encouraged and given the us a few tools to better serve this population of people. The curriculum helped me to understand we all have disabilities and the greatest one is sin and our need for a savior.”

“It showed the role of disabled people in the church using Scripture & how vital it is we are serving alongside them. Really enjoyed how it was all grounded in Scripture.”

“It made us much more aware of the challenges disabled people face and how unreached they are.”

“..there is so much more to being a welcoming church to disabled people then just looking at things from a facility perspective.”

The Inspire Curriculum can be found here.

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