Key Ring Resource Binder

For an in-depth look at starting a disability-inclusive ministry at your church, you’ll find purposeful information that can serve as a helpful foundation in the Key Ring Binder by Key Ministry. As your church begins to pursue disability inclusion, we pray that your church will remain trusting and open to God’s guidance and leadership. For more specific areas of education in growing inclusion ministries, see Key Ministry’s “The Workbench” and “Special Events”.

Key Ring Binder General Outline:

Section 1 - Big Picture

o A theological perspective on special needs inclusion, success stories and sample mission statements.

Section 2 - Logistics

o Information on getting started, communicating with your church’s leadership, and training volunteers.

Section 3 - Greater Understanding

o Links to medical and disability-specific organizations we know and trust

Section 4 - Special Events

o Information on planning a Disability Awareness Sunday

Coming soon - Resources for Vacation Bible School, outreaches for adults with special needs, and family ministry events.)

Section 5 - Regular Programming

o Forms that can be used in your Sunday morning and weekly programs, information on communication and working with parents, modifying curriculum and managing challenging behaviors. (1)


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