The Disability Effective Leader

Michael Beates outlines in his book, Disability & The Gospel: How God Uses Our Brokenness to Display His Grace, the characteristics of a “disability effective leader”.

Our prayer is to see church members and leaders alike grow in and exemplify these characteristics.

  • Inclusive: includes in their circle people with and without disabilities

  • Biblical: subject to the authority of God’s word and ability to articulate biblical principles regarding God’s view of those with disabilities

  • Accessible: an advocate for making facilities and communications accessible to varying levels of disability

  • Practical: leads others to identify and meet needs

  • Evangelizing: actively seeks opportunities to share gospel

  • Assimilating: encourages all to assimilate into their fellowship

  • Promoting: prepares and equips people with disabilities to seek out leader opportunities

  • Multiplying: seeks to multiply the number of disability effective leaders in their church or parachurch

  • Humility: this perhaps underlies all of these characteristics as the lure of power in Christian ministry is tempting