Book Review: "Suffering in 3-D: Connecting the Church to Disease, Disability, and Disorder"

Written by our team member AJ, The Banquet Network’s Administrative Assistant.

Considering the broad spectrum that encompasses disability ministry in our psychologized world today, it is crucial for Christians to think biblically about how many endure suffering through the overlap of various diseases, disabilities, and disorders within the Church. As a biblical counselor and pastor, Dr. John Kwasny, unpacks a thorough and necessary picture of the reality of suffering and how the Church is called to care for it’s people. Kwasny continues to clearly teach the sovereignty of God throughout his down-to-earth writing as he defines and connects the “3-D’s” (disease, disability, and disorder) in light of Scripture in the first half of the book. After outlining the important biblical theology of suffering with everyday examples, the second half of the book describes practical ways the Church is called to pursue those in their pain and walk alongside them as a hospital, a family, and a discipleship culture.

Kwasny concludes each chapter with helpful reflection and assessment questions that spur on great conversation to engage believers who are suffering in your local church. This is more than a tool for reaching just those who are marginalized because of physical disabilities, but it encompasses the complex and wide range of disabling conditions people face. Finally, Kwasny lovingly continues to point to the human heart’s response to the diversity and commonality of suffering in a fallen world we all face as sinners and emphasizes the sufficient counsel of God’s Word through the gospel of grace. This book is a pivotal tool for more than church leaders and counselors, but for the Christian who desires to grow in discipling their brother or sister amidst life’s difficult problems in view of Jesus’ enduring suffering for us.

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