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The Mirror & The Billboard

For many of us, there is an unspoken discomfort that arises in us when we enter a room and there facing us is a person with a visible disability. It might be a child in a wheelchair or an adult with Tourette’s syndrome, but regardless of the disability, the feeling is the same. We feel a sudden need to avoid the individual completely to ease our discomfort, or we fearfully fumble over what we should do or what we should say.

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Taking Responsibility: An Idea for How to Reach, Serve, and Include

In the days of the early Church there was a certain population that was being neglected: the Greek widows weren’t receiving their distribution of food. We don’t know exactly how or why this was happening, but we do know that this is nothing new: humanity has a tendency to neglect/oppress certain populations. And as much as we wish this wasn’t the case, that even happens in the Church.

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