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Resources on Theology & Disability

We, at The Banquet Network, recognize how important it is to be in a constant learning posture particularly as we seek to submit to the Church in our work. Our growth is contingent upon learning from people of different backgrounds and pursuing relationships with churches of many denominations. This list of resources from various authors and origins has given us a framework to shape our thinking around true inclusion in the Church.

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Ministry Highlight: GCC Owensboro

At the young age of three, Danny was introduced to the Deaf community. He began learning sign language at this time and through the years built strong friendships with Deaf individuals. As a college student, Danny started a job as an American Sign Language interpreter and went on to interpret in school systems, legal settings, and became one of very few medical interpreters in Kentucky.

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The Mirror & The Billboard

For many of us, there is an unspoken discomfort that arises in us when we enter a room and there facing us is a person with a visible disability. It might be a child in a wheelchair or an adult with Tourette’s syndrome, but regardless of the disability, the feeling is the same. We feel a sudden need to avoid the individual completely to ease our discomfort, or we fearfully fumble over what we should do or what we should say.

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