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Ministry Highlight: Life Blessings

Lainie Brown, board member at The Banquet Network, hit the ground running with special needs ministries after God gave her Trent. Her son, like many with downs syndrome do, changed Lainie’s life. She was acutely aware of God calling her to care for the special needs community particularly as she thought of her son, but quickly realized her need to assist others. “I was hurt knowing that I couldn’t invite my friends with special needs to my own church.” At the time, her church wasn’t built for it- willing servants or otherwise.

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The Kind of Friend Who Would Push You Through a Roof

Can you imagine this scene? A group of men carrying their paralyzed friend on a bed, submitting themselves to urgency and desperation, ignoring any sense of patience and social norms, and deciding that they would push their friend through a roof rather than risking the chance of missing Jesus. In this moment, these men prioritized their friend above anything else. They simply needed him to be healed and they believed that it would happen.

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