You don’t need money to include people with disabilities.

When many of us think of including people with disabilities in our churches we think of big budgets, expensive buildings, and complicated techniques. But you don’t need money or a Phd to include people with disabilities - you simply need a desire to love your neighbors who are impacted by disability. You might spend money on establishing a new ministry, you might spend money updating your building, and you might spend money altering some of your current systems…but you might not. We all feel like we don’t have enough resources to reach, serve, and include people with disabilities but that is an error in perception. We’re here for you and we’ll help you see how people with disabilities can be included with the resources you already have.

Our cohorts and our coaching are free.

We intentionally don’t charge for our cohorts and coaching because we’re not willing to let money be a barrier for you. In fact, if you complete one of our cohorts we even give you a small grant to jump start your efforts. If you’re not in range of one of our already scheduled events we’re willing to travel to you or work with you via phone/videoconferencing.

Still feel uncertain? Listen to our friend Tom.