The Banquet Network is the result of God inspiring a convergence of men and women to live out His heart and passion for people with disabilities. We are driven by Luke 14, and many other Scriptures, in which God reveals His love and compassion for the sick and suffering in this world. We know that people with disabilities, like all people, are indispensable members of the Church (1 Cor. 12) and we want to see the Church reflect this truth more faithfully. We believe that every church - even smaller congregations — can do something to invite people with disabilities to “the banquet”. We have many dreams, but most of all, we dream that more people and families affected by special needs and disabilities would be invited to the banquet of salvation.


The Banquet Network was launched in 2017 through the support of the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware. We remain thankful for BCMD’s generosity in helping to start the network.