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Want to get more involved?

Apply for a cohort in the Baltimore area here. Applicants accepted to a cohort will receive a small grant, training, consulting, and a community of practice to help them launch or grow their disability missions and ministry. There are limited spots available for each cohort.

WHY JOIN a Cohort?

1. Join a community of churches and individuals working to reach and include people with disabilities

2. Get access to experts and resources that will help you launch or grow your ministry

3. Receive a small grant to help jump start your efforts

4. Make your ministry matter beyond your own walls by sharing your experience with others who are starting disability ministries

5. Get listed on The Banquet Network’s website as a church that is taking steps toward including people with disabilities

Are you a church Interested in hearing more about the banquet network?

Whether you’re interested in joining a future cohort, staying up to date with what’s happening, being listed on our website as an inclusive church, or offering your skills and experience to build up other churches and ministries, fill out the following form and one of our Banquet Member's will be back in touch with you soon. We look forward to hearing about your church and ministry.

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Contact Name
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Contact Phone
Please assess which description best describes the current status of your church. UNENGAGED BUT INTERESTED: We don’t have any members with disability or special needs, but we’d like to know more about this topic OVERWHELMED: We have no idea how to serve and include people with disabilities or special needs in our communities – we need help! GROWING: We have some experience with people with disabilities and special needs. We are just figuring out how to serve and include them as we go CONFIDENT: We have a few members who are passionate about disability-inclusion and are driving forward our church’s ministry THRIVING: We have an established ministry that engages and includes people with disabilities and would love to share our expertise with others UNSURE: I don’t know where we fall on this scale


Are you an individual Interested in hearing more about the banquet network?

The Banquet Network primarily operates on the church level, but if you're an individual who is passionate about this mission we want to talk to you too. Fill out the following form and one of our Banquet Member's will be back in touch with you soon.

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